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Feel The Power Of Drumming

Feel the power of drumming

Featured Event

Sat 23 Nov
Time : 9am - 11am
Where : Artrageous Community Arts Centre
Address : 84 Loftus Street, Deagon
Could you tell the difference between an Afro-Cuban bongo as opposed to a Latin American conga drum, or a Middle Eastern tabla, compared to a West African djembe?

If not, then let drumming professional and musician, Adel Amin, run you through the intricacies of global hand drums, as well as how to play these unique instruments at an upcoming workshop.

On the second Saturday of each month, the Joyful Drumming School holds two-hour drumming workshops at the Artrageous Community Arts Centre.

Adel founded the Joyful Drumming School in 1992 and has been playing the drums for more than 50 years. He has played on the stages of many iconic Australian festivals, including the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Kiama Jazz and Blues Festival and the Woodford Folk Festival.

The Noosa-based musician has also run drumming programs for companies, interested in ways of helping their employees relieve stress, bond and work collaboratively as a team.

“My drumming workshops are all about having fun, but in order to have fun and fully enjoy playing the drums people need to learn the correct technique, posture and artistic application,” Adel said.

“When it comes to music, there are no age limits, you can do it at any age, but people do get more enjoyment out of the drums when they know how to play them properly.”

Adel’s classes focus on Egyptian and Middle Eastern drumming rhythms and will teach participants how to play the unique beats of Middle Eastern music, which distinguish it from Western music.

Adel immigrated to Australia from Egypt in 1970, and joined the Australian Defence Force four years later. He said that during his 38-year career in the Army, he trained as a teacher.

“I am fortunate to be able to utilise the training I received in the Army as a teacher and combine this with my love of music and drumming, as it has enabled me to impart knowledge of drumming in a structured and safe manner,” he said.

Classes run from 9am – 11am and are being held on Saturday 10 August, 14 September, 12 October and 23 November at Deagon’s Community Arts Centre. Tickets are $25 per person. To book your spot at any of the upcoming workshops contact Adele Amin on 0427 450 775.