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Five-band Dance Party Raises Funds For Olympians

Five-Band Dance Party Raises Funds for Olympians
Sat 04 May
Time : 6pm - 10pm
Address : 153 Rainbow Street, Sandgate
Special Olympics Moreton North wants to raise awareness of the club while doing something that will be fun for the broader community.

Special Olympics, the largest organisation of its type in the world, is recognised by the Olympics Committee and provides training and competition opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Some five million athletes in 172 countries participate, and in March, Moreton North sent six players to the Summer Games, held in Abu Dhabi.

“It’s a constant thing.  Trying to find funding – both getting resources for the kids, in terms of equipment, and helping to subsidise travel expenses,“ said Chris Simpson, committee member.

A small idea evolved into a big dance party to be held on Saturday 4 May at Sandbag.   

There will be five bands playing – with plenty of variety – Arced Up is a popular ukulele band.  Deagon based  Magpie Season, has an acoustic rock sound, while Jetty Street Band is a teenage group. Combine them with the Trinity Trio and Sons Of Earl and there will be something there for everyone.

It isn’t all just about the competition. 

“I had the privilege at the State Games, I was on the finish line giving out the ribbons.  All of them to a tee, said to me, ‘I did it!’, with this big smile on their face. They didn’t care, they weren’t  first or last, they were just happy that they finished,” said John, the club chair.

“It’s good for the parents as well. There’s a network there, you’re all in the same boat to a certain extent.

“There’s also parents out there that have a child with an intellectual disability who haven’t  engaged with us yet, who probably would if they were more aware,” Chris said.

Have a delightful night out at a reasonable cost of $15 per person (or $30.00 for a family).  Pizza is included , there will be a licenced bar, a cent auction with great prizes, and lots of dancing.

Sandbag, 153 Rainbow Street Sandgate
Saturday 4 May, 6–10pm

For tickets or information contact John on 0419 212 324 or visit their Facebook page. Tickets available online via searching for “Special Olympics Moreton North”