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Getting It Right In The Fashion Stakes

Story: Brooke Jacobson
Jun 21, 2019
As the Deagon Community Race Day approaches, many locals may be wondering just what to wear to one of the 4017’s most popular social occasions.

Annalisse McHugh, owner of Sandgate’s Sweet Georgia Boutique, said a lot of the “rules” around racewear had relaxed in recent years.

“The races are a great chance to dress up,” she said.

“But I think at the same time, the event has become more relaxed and people are really going there for the social aspect.

 “As long as your outfit is classy and comfortable, you can’t go wrong.”

This season, Annalisse said the fashion focus would be on texture. “We’re seeing lots of lace, velvet, faux fur and lots of block colours as well, in both dresses and suiting,” she said.

“Another trend we’ll be seeing is pleats on everything – skirts, dresses, shirts, you name it.”

Annalisse said that, for those unsure about what to wear to the races, a few well-placed accessories could be a game changer. “Don’t be afraid to dress up a plain outfit you may already have with some accessories for pops of colour,” she said.

“A statement clutch, or gloves will really elevate your look.”

It is important to remember there is a big difference between dressing for a winter race meeting, as opposed to the more formal spring racing carnival.

“Comfortable shoes are also a must, and as it’s winter, boots are perfectly acceptable for the races,” Annalisse said.

“As it’s going to be chilly, this a great chance to wear your leather gloves and there’s lots of different ways to layer up and keep warm, while still looking great.”

It’s also important for racegoers to think about what to wear up top – a hat or a fascinator. “You’ll always have ladies who choose those really colourful, vibrant fascinators but I think we’ll be seeing a lot of wide brimmed hats this year,” Annalisse said.

“Just remember that quality accessories will really elevate your whole outfit.”

The Deagon Community Race Day will be held on Sunday, 7 July. Sweet Georgia Boutique is located at 7 Brighton Road, Sandgate.