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Seniors, It’s Your Time To Shine!

Photo: slapics
Jun 21, 2019
Agricultural scientist turned singer and songwriter, Peter Vance, said the learning experience and camaraderie gained from initiatives such as the Lord Mayor’s Seniors Cabaret was wonderful.

The Sandgate resident will be one of the estimated 200 or so seniors from around Brisbane attending upcoming masterclasses as part of the local government performance program.

Ten masterclasses are being held across Brisbane in July. Sandgate’s masterclass is being held Friday 19 July at the Sandgate Town Hall and will be hosted by the multi-talented performer Jackie Love.

The three-hour Sandgate masterclass with Jackie will focus on ‘stagecraft’ and how performers can perfect their on-stage presence. All masterclasses are led by professional mentors such as David Rogers-Smith, Daniel Robinson, Normie Rowe and Gregory Moore.

Each masterclass has a different learning focus for participants and address common concerns performers may have such as stage fright, vocal technique, how to perform with instruments and how to look after your voice.

Mr Vance, who performed in the Lord Mayor’s Seniors Cabaret Gala Concert in 2018, said that the professional mentoring participants received at the masterclasses was amazing.

“For me, the joy of it is that when you’re involved in a masterclass, you have the opportunity to learn from the 10 or so professional performers that run each class. These people are top mentors, who will spend about 20 minutes with you, provide a critique and help you with your on-stage performance and presentation,” he said.

“Not only do you learn from the mentors, but you also learn from watching other people perform. The learning experience has given me so much more confidence when I’m on stage.”

Following the 10 masterclasses, selected participants will have the opportunity to participate in showcase performances, throughout August. After that they may also be chosen to perform at Brisbane City Hall in the Lord Mayor’s Seniors Cabaret Gala Concert on Sunday 6 October, 2019.

To register or for more information, visit and head to the Seniors Cabaret section.