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Age No Barrier For Self Defence

Story: Sondra Grainger
Apr 24, 2019
Ladies, if you found yourself in a situation where self defence was required, would you swing a handbag, throw a punch or scream for all to hear? Well, the best way to fend off an assailant is none of these and surprisingly much less aggressive.

Master Damian Jayamaha is a 7th Dan Taekwondo instructor, who is set to empower with his six week Women’s Self Defence classes at Womenspace Sandgate, this month.

Damian, a full-time martial arts teacher, learnt his art from his father, who in turn was trained by the founder of Taekwondo in North Korea.

“Whilst there is a set way to train; over the years of teaching, you realise that you can’t have the same recipe for everyone,” Damian said.

“In a six week course, it’s about focus, achieving basic skills and to work on your strengths. Some say to work on your weaknesses, but if you work on your strengths, your weaknesses become less prominent and you feel stronger.”

Damian’s inspiration, to teach women of all ages, came from his star pupil, a gentle 73-year-old who has been training with him for seven years.

“We teach you how to stay calm in the event of an attack, muscle memory so you react the right way without thinking and to train smarter, not harder. It’s not about strength and you don’t need to be aggressive. If you come into this with an open mind, you may already know some things, but we’ll teach you breathing exercises to maintain a level of calm, eye contact, to look without staring and build your confidence to handle many situations.”

Womenspace secretary, Lisa, said, “We are keen to see how this goes as it would be great to have ongoing classes throughout the year. It’s suitable for all ages and abilities. If you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to try it.”

The 6 Week Class

Monday 6th May-10th June
Womenspace Sandgate
11 Second Avenue, Sandgate

Class booking and information can be found on the Womenspace Facebook page or by phoning 0438 860 967.