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Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Story: Suzi O’Shea
Apr 24, 2019
Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day
This year will mark my fifth year as a mum. To date, the best Mother’s Day I’ve had, was with two great friends I met in a mothers group. We left our kids with their fathers, got a few bottles of wine and had lunch at the Rustic Olive. We had a wonderful afternoon chatting, eating great food and not having to worry about any of our maternal responsibilities. It may be a controversial way to spend the day, but we got what we wanted most – a break.

Being a mum is a tough gig. It’s the only role you can never step away from and take a real break. I can’t speak on behalf of all mums, but I’m sure quite a few will agree with me.

I don’t want a kitchen appliance or flowers or a perfume from a reality TV celebrity. I want a day off. Just one day. Let me sleep in, cook me breakfast, do the dishes, take the kids and let me do as I please.

This Mother’s Day, I plan on going shopping to buy my own present, having a coffee, reading a book, watching a movie then enjoying some drinks with my friends. No children, no husband, no exchange of junk presents I don’t want or need.

I could give you a list of presents to buy for your mum or significant other, but I say we mix it up this year. Get her the gift money can’t buy. A well-deserved rest. Don’t even plan it for her, let her decide and dictate the terms of how her day unfolds.

If she wants to stay in bed all day watching Netflix, take the kids out and give her the house. If she wants to go away for a weekend with friends, help her pack her bags and bid her farewell. If she wants to spend the day being doted on by her family, make sure she doesn’t lift a finger and all her needs are met.

Mother’s are exceptional humans and hard-working women. To all the amazing mums out there, Happy Mother’s Day.