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Local Councillor On The Move

Story: Sandgate Guide
Mar 25, 2019
Local  Councillor On The Move
Deagon Ward councillor, Jared Cassidy, is moving to a new office. His current office, in Cliff Street, Sandgate, has been the ward office for almost 50 years. Cr Cassidy said it was the end of an era.

“Years ago, there was no local ward office at all and people had to make arrangements to meet councillors in their homes or elsewhere,” he said.

“There was no local presence until this was built in the 1960s. Obviously, the population back then was a lot smaller and this is a busy office now.”

The new Deagon Ward office will be in Sandgate’s CBD, upstairs next to Aldi supermarket and will feature a walk-up reception, more space for staff and a room for constituent meetings.

“The new space meets all the requirements of a modern office,” he said.

“Sometimes here, (in Cliff Street), the staff have been in a difficult and dangerous position, if for example someone comes in and they are unhappy.”

Cr Cassidy and his staff will move into their new office after the Easter weekend.

He added he would like to see the Cliff Street office given to the community.

“I have raised with council the possibility of this space being used for something else,” he said.

“There is a cost to ratepayers of moving offices and leasing the new space – I’m not going to hide that – and I would like Cliff Street to be used by a community group; something for the community to benefit.

“It would be a great admin space for a community organisation.”