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Windy Pier Spectacular

Story: Christine Chamberlain | Photo: slapics
Mar 25, 2019
Windy Pier Spectacular
A colourful art installation, created by the community, will be set up along the Shorncliffe Pier, as part of this year’s Bluewater Festival. Making the most of the iconic historic pier and beautiful bay breezes, local artist Kim Mancini will be working with locals of all ages to produce hundreds of colourful windsocks to feature at the festival.

Kim has always had a strong passion for art and her community, and this year, in addition to her creative tee-pee space for children, she has decided to get everyone involved in a community art installation.

“We are so lucky to have the talents of Kim and her creative team of locals involved in this year’s festival,’’ Sandgate and Districts Chamber of Commerce president Bill Gollan said.

The windsocks, on bamboo stakes, will be created beforehand and attached to the pier railings and light posts early in the morning before the festival begins.

“Anyone on the beach throughout the day will see that lovely pop of colour along the pier,’’ Kim said.

Throughout the day, children can visit Kim’s tee-pee space and create more windsocks, as well as lanterns, to feature in the revived Lantern Parade at 5pm.

“We are thrilled to be working with Kim to bring back some history into this long-standing festival. We will re-kick start the tradition with the kids and create a little lantern parade this year and hopefully build on it for years to come,” Bill said.

The windsocks and lanterns will be created using paper and cardboard made into cylinder shapes, and covered in colour, with wool and ribbon catching the wind.

“It is about getting people involved in the experience of the festival instead of just coming down to watch the race and going home,’’ Kim said.

“It is creating that visual appeal that really creates that wonderful festival atmosphere.’’

The first windsock workshop for the pier installation will be held at Kim’s studio (Shop 6, 140 Braun Street, Deagon) on Tuesday 9 April from 2pm.

If you are interested in attending the workshop let Kim know, visit her website, email, or text or phone 0402 473 083.