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Ready, Set, Dance

Story: Kelly Walker | Photo: slapics
Mar 25, 2019
Ready, Set, Dance
It’s time to break out the leg warmers and fluorescent onesies – Rock Eisteddfod is coming to Sandgate! Local resident Neridah Waters is sharing her talent and passion as a choreographer, dancer, and actor to bring her own version of the famed dance show to the Sandgate community.

“I auditioned for my school’s Rock Eisteddfod 26 years ago and got rejected. To this day I carry the bitterness in my polyester puffed sleeves,” Neridah jokes. “So now I’ve decided to make my own Rock Eisteddfod team, but with adults!”

Aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle choices, the Rock Eisteddfod concept began in Sydney in 1980, as a dance/drama competition between schools.

With shows staged worldwide, each event was a fun collaboration between students, teachers, parents and communities. While Neridah’s version may not be exactly the same as the school competitions, she promises that it will be a ridiculous amount of fun. “I’m so excited to do this project and I want to make it accessible and fun for everyone,” Neridah said.

“It doesn’t matter if you have never danced before, have just had triplets, or if you’re just looking to get out with like-minded people and show off some of your awesome moves – this class is for all ages and abilities.”

Full of boundless enthusiasm, Neridah has been passionate about dancing and performing since she was a little girl. “My brother and I ran neighbourhood concerts every year when we were young,” Neridah said.

“We would convince all the kids on our street to perform in our shows and put on outfits from my dress up box.”

Neridah is a graduate of Western Sydney University, and is an accomplished performer with over two decades of experience in acting, dancing and choreographing throughout Australia and abroad. She wants to share her love of dance right here in Sandgate.

“I have been running Common People Dance Project classes across Brisbane and Australia and am very excited to start them here in my hometown,” Neridah said.

“Being relatively new to Sandgate, I really want to offer classes here, so I can make friends and build a community around me.”

With infectious positivity and a tub full of disco inspired dress-up accessories for class participants to dig into, Neridah is raring to go.

“What I love about dance is that I can get completely lost in that magical world and forget about my immediate problems,” she said. “I love teaching because I can help others have that experience as well… it’s electric!”

For more info on Rock Eisteddfod and other Common People Dance Project classes, please contact or visit