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Inspiring Peace And Creativity

Story: Christine Chamberlain | Photo: Ben McShea
Mar 25, 2019
Inspiring Peace And Creativity
Keeping your kids active, engaged and out of your hair during the school holidays can be a juggling act, but kids’ yoga workshops could be the answer.

Yoga workshops are the perfect place for young people to relax and express themselves in a positive environment.

Local mum and yoga lover, Ainsley Moden from Being Grounded, has been running school holiday yoga workshops for the past two years and has two workshops planned for the Easter holidays.

Ainsley designs her workshops to create a safe, positive, inspiring space for children, often using the great outdoors as a peaceful backdrop.

“I was a shy, nervous kid myself, scared to try new things, so I love creating kids’ workshops where I can help kids to flourish and shine without being competitive,’’ Ainsley said.

The bush backdrop behind Nashville State School makes for the perfect spot for kids’ yoga.

“I love to teach in nature, it helps kids calm their emotions and self-regulate; really feel into their body.  It’s also good for improving resilience – we have to deal with ants and bugs and uneven ground.’’

Ainsley often collaborates with other like-minded, local business people to come up with different workshops.

“I always like to add a crafting or hands-on element to my workshops. Parents like their kids to do yoga, and kids are drawn into the crafting activities,’’ she said.

The first workshop on Tuesday, 16 April is called Sun, Light, Shine Bright and is a sun-themed event incorporating different sun salutes, guided meditations and body art. Ainsley will work with Charli from Wild Thyme Face and Body Artists.

“Charli is a local mum who has an amazing gift to help kids express themselves through face painting.’’

The second workshop will be held on Thursday, 18 April at Soul Prana Yoga & Wellness Studio at Margate. Kids will learn yoga as well as making their own healthy bliss ball treats.

Local mum, Rachel Stanley, who loves creating healthy food, will be assisting Ainsley.

“This will be a fun way to get our hands in and eat what we create,’’ Ainsley said.

Places are limited. To book, visit or find Being Grounded on Facebook.

Sun, Light, Shine Bright
Tuesday, 16 April, 9am

Thursday, 18 April, 9am

$40 per child per workshop