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Sandgate Ready To Rock

Story: Brooke Jacobson
Feb 20, 2019
Sandgate Ready to Rock
A new music festival for the 4017 community could uncover the next Powderfinger. Local bands - it’s time to start warming up! Deagon Ward councillor, Jared Cassidy, is planning a youth-focussed festival to be held in Sandgate in September.

“The idea for this event came out of the Einbunpin Festival, where we currently have the youth stage,” he said.

“Some of our school students – and former students from the area – are amazingly talented and we wanted to give them more opportunities to perform publicly.

“You know, we could discover the next big band here in Sandgate, the next Powderfinger.”

The youth stage at this year’s Einbunpin Festival will be used as an audition for the September event, with the competition to be judged by music industry professionals. The winner will go on to headline the new music festival.

“Those who don’t wish to compete will still be able to perform on the youth stage at Einbunpin,” Cr Cassidy said.

“But the winner will play at the day in September, alongside other local bands.”

Cr Cassidy also said the music festival would be a day-long event, with the main road in Sandgate closed to traffic, with food trucks and other activities on offer.

“This is an opportunity for local artists to come together, it will be great for young people in the area and great for local business as well,” he said.

It is hoped the music festival will kick off a series of music-based events in and around Sandgate.

“The September festival day will be an annual event and we will also look to include other events like battle of the bands, music competitions and monthly performers in the park,”
Cr Cassidy said.

“Music is such an integral part of our community and all our events, whether it’s Australia Day, or Anzac Day. With anything that we do, music is a real part of it and it’s something that brings us together.

“We already have an amazing array of local music and this is a great opportunity to develop a series of local events and festivals based around music for young people to perform, develop their skills and support the business community as well.”

The music festival is also being supported by QMusic.

Cr Cassidy is asking for suggestions to name the September music festival. If you have a suggestion, or would like more information, contact his office on: 3667 6011 or email: