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New Dawn Sessions Shed Light On Local Talent

Story: Ineke Hodalin | Photo: slapics
Feb 20, 2019
New Dawn Sessions  Shed Light on Local Talent
Once a month, Sunday’s New Dawn Sessions give aspiring musicians an opportunity to have their original songs brought into the spotlight. Artists are filmed in front of a live audience and the clips are then uploaded to social media. The audience loves it, the performers love it, and the whole community benefits.

The concept is the brainchild of coffee shop owner, Chris Sheeno, and his partner and fellow music lover, Miles Hatton, a talented sound engineer.

“I love music and I love coffee and I tried to find some way of joining them together. After meeting Miles we got to talking and it just sort of nicely happened for me.” In their words, one day the idea just “dawned” on them.

“Sunday New Dawn Session is about new beginnings, not just the time of day,” Chris said. “It’s about building a little community – musos helping other musos out.” 

Sheeno’s is a small intimate space, it’s nice and quiet – a perfect place and time to record. 

“Being in the music industry ourselves, we’ve got connections. We’re getting sponsorship and assistance from people. We provide a service and charge people a reasonable entry fee to come in.”

“It’s a much more magical experience when you are watching a band you like just right there in front of you,” Miles said.

Brisbane singer, Bridget O’Shannessy said, “Sheeno’s has done wonderful things for musicians.” She also said that upcoming performers have to have a social media presence, and the fact that Miles and Chris have been able to film, direct and edit the clips has been an enormous help to her.

Already several YouTube videos have been posted online, including the popular “Beamish Boys”, and the event is rapidly gaining momentum. The concept is fluid – like all good concepts, it is evolving and changing.

Check them out on Facebook at or see them on Instagram @dawnsessionsoffical. 
Bookings or info, call Chris on 0428 300 700