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Green P More Than A Humble Vegetable

Story: Sandgate Guide
Jan 23, 2019
Green P Farm is an amazing space inside the Deagon Racecourse. It’s also a place where miracles happen, and where a community of enthusiastic volunteers work the land, nurturing a remarkable market garden.

It is a hot December day when I meet Kiera Brett, the Community Partnership worker for Sandbag (Sandgate and Bracken Ridge Action Group) in the Racing Queensland parking lot. We walk to a plot of land that is bordered by the highway and the main road. It feels miles away and the air has a rich aroma of compost pre-breakdown.

“We have 3000 square metres, which we lease from Racing Queensland. We’ve got a really great relationship with them,” Kiera said. “Everything develops as a community.”

Volunteers are always needed, and the current crop is doing extraordinary things.

“We recorded [a segment] with Gardening Australia this year. They picked up our story about our composting activities. We pick up manure from the stables and we do a compost run through a couple of the local cafes. We take 100-150 kilos. It’s very heavy. We actually won a big award for it, [last] year, from the Brisbane City Council. It was quite a surprise — we were up against some huge groups.”

We pause to greet one of the workers. The broad smile tells an interesting story.

“We have about 120 participants. Seventy-four percent of them come from a refugee or new-arrivals background,” Kiera said.

They come from places such as Bhutan, Myanmar, Polynesia, and parts of Africa.

Some of these people have come together to offer locals a very special opportunity. It’s called Global Kitchen 2nd Course.

Families from different cultures will be sharing their skills and teaching participants to cook. Fortnightly classes will be held at SANDBAG, Bracken Ridge and Fitzgibbon for the next two months, with a cookbook being published at the end. However, class sizes will be limited – so hurry, while there is still time to enrol. The cost is a gold coin donation.

Funded by the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs, it’s the second time such a course has been offered. The first was extremely popular.

“It’s going to be great, seeing cooking from the different cultures. What we find here is people are really sharing their cultures through food. It’s a great way to learn.”

DATES: Saturday 2 and 16 February and
Saturday 2, 16 and 30 March.

CONTACT: SANDBAG on ph. 3869 3244 or visit their Facebook page.