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Bon Appétit!

Story: Sandgate Guide
Jan 23, 2019
Bon appétit!
Valentine’s Day is all about love – and what better way to celebrate than treating your sweetheart to an intimate dinner for two. Why not try a theme of heart-shapes; think heart-shaped home-made pizzas and cookies. Throw in the colour red and fresh flowers and you will have whipped up a romantic dinner in surprisingly little time. Here are a few other simple ideas.

Entrée – either keep it super-simple or skip it. A platter of deli delights, e.g. cheese, cured meat, olives, crackers or some red grapes arranged artfully, is ideal. For an even easier solution, buy crumbed camembert with cranberry sauce, from the freezer at Aldi, and just follow the directions.

Mains – if you both have a favourite meal, then there is no better time to serve it! Otherwise consider pasta with a tomato-based sauce, chicken parmigiana or even make your own heart-shaped pizza with your go-to toppings.

Serve mains with a crisp salad featuring cherry tomatoes, strips of crimson capsicum or thinly sliced radish – it’s that pop of red that matters!

Dessert – unleash your creative side!

Cheesecakes and tarts created in heart-shaped tins are so cute! Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavours are frontrunners for Valentine’s Day.

Heart-shaped mini cake tins can also act as a mould for fruit jelly (especially berries in a port, raspberry or strawberry-flavoured jelly) or panna cotta (vanilla or passionfruit).

Let’s not forget cake – and if you don’t have time to bake, then buy! A decadent chocolate cake, filled with your choice of cream, jam, cream-cheese frosting or chocolate ganache is sure to be a winner.

No matter which dessert you choose, decoration is key. Swirls of cream, luscious red fruits and chocolate, e.g. Lindt balls can transform your dessert into a masterpiece.

Presentation of the table is paramount in serving a romantic dinner. Use the good china, silver and the crystal wine glasses. Put some flowers on the table, play some harmonies and enhance the mood with candles. Plate and serve the food with loving care and see the smile on your loved one’s face and the sparkle in their eye. You are both worth it! Bon appétit!