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Valentine’s Day Traditions

Story: Sally Eberhardt | Photo: Sally Eberhardt
Jan 23, 2019
Valentine’s  Day Traditions
Valentine’s Day is a significant date on the calendars of romantics and couples everywhere – it’s a time to celebrate love and show your beloved some appreciation. However, whereas the sentiment is beautiful, the expectations of extravagance built up by retailers, are not what St Valentine intended.

If you enjoy dining out, but not in a restaurant full of gooey-eyed couples, or if you resent the sudden rise in the price of roses, then maybe it’s time to start your own Valentine’s Day traditions.

I’m not suggesting you go without anything – just look for meaning rather than expense. Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing – many are very affordable and in the true spirit of love.

Perhaps you already have some favourite things to do together – whether it’s sharing pizza while watching a movie or taking a moonlight stroll on the beach, the important thing is that is YOURS. Making it a tradition takes some of the panic out of Valentine’s Day – you know what you will be doing and that you’ll both enjoy it.

A special meal together doesn’t have to be in a fancy restaurant

Instead of dinner at a booked-out restaurant, pack a selection of delights from the supermarket deli and enjoy a picnic together or cook up something special at home.

Find a favourite movie to watch together

Watching a movie is a great way to mark the milestone of Valentine’s Day together – there is bound to be a flick you both love, from a rom-com starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler to the heart-swelling drama ‘The Notebook’ or the quirky ‘500 Days of Summer’.

Jewellery - A timeless gift

Jewellery is a popular gift item – think about giving one charm, or one very special bead, each year to build a bracelet that truly represents your devotion to each other over time.

Heart-felt words and actions that last longer than a day

There are many ways of declaring your love – write a poem and frame it, make a little book detailing what you love about your partner, fill a jar with heart-shaped lollies and vouchers e.g. ‘Good for one back rub’.

Whatever you do, have fun and remember that love is meant to be given and received every single day and St Valentine’s Day is just a reminder. Enjoy!