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High Vibe Vegan Markets

Story: Story Sharon France
Oct 29, 2018
High Vibe Vegan Markets
These days, it seems as if we are increasingly looking for something we have somehow lost - a connection. It is different things for different people, but for Barbara Syassen it is a connection with a culture, a `vibe’ if you like, which she discovered growing up in her homeland, Hula, in Papua New Guinea. 

When Barbara describes this connection, and why she has created the High Vibe Vegan Markets, opening in Sandgate in November, there is a sense of calm and truth in her words.

“I want to bring that culture, that vibe, that feeling I had living in PNG, into our Western context. Our Earth is precious and it can teach us so much about where and how we live — from the houses we live in, to the clothes we wear and the food we eat,” she explains.

“I was drawn to this beautiful place—to Sandgate—and it just makes sense to create an environment where like-minded people can come together to share. It is really about creating and sharing. It’s about awareness.”

And so it will be, when High Vibe Vegan Markets opens its doors for the very first time, on 10 November, at the Scout Hall in Sandgate. To date, Barbara has collected together 15–20 stall holders, and the numbers are growing.

So what can we expect?

Barbara’s quiet excitement is engaging. “Beautiful, organic, sustainable, vegan produce is the core of the markets, but people should also expect something a bit different — recycled and upcycled objects, fashion and much, much more. We have attracted many creative souls who are eager to be part of this new venture,” she says.

“We can all live better lives, and I hope our market, and its ethos inspires people.”

Mark this one in your calendar!

For more information about this ongoing market, find High Vibe Vegan Markets on Facebook or phone 0402 141 170.

Saturday, 10th November (and then the second Saturday of each month)
9:00am to 1:30pm
Sandgate Scout Hall,
134 Brighton Road, Sandgate