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Music By The Sea

Story: Story Donna Phillips Photo Cole Bennetts
Sep 24, 2018
Music By the Sea
The young lion of Australian classical piano is sitting on the floor with his legs in lotus position, playing the piano backwards. Just like dressing up in 18th century garb with hilarious over-sized powder wig, frock coat and shoe buckles, he’s up for a laugh to show-off the classics. But when Simon Tedeschi performs locally in early November, it’s a composed demeanour that will bring the magnificence of masters Brahms and Schubert to the room.

The Sandgate Town Hall audience is accustomed to world-class music. What can they expect from this concert? “Some of the greatest music ever written by the German romantics as well as my customary bad jokes.”

What is it about these two composers that appeals to you? “These two composers put melody above everything else—and their music goes beyond the ego into the realm of universal experience.”

Are there sections that are more challenging to play? “Everything is difficult to play, especially when you’re dealing with composers of such a sanctified tradition and language. Schubert is like meditation, so any tension on my part will easily be felt by the audience — that’s probably the most challenging aspect of the program.”

Have you been moved to tears while playing a particular piece of music? “Yes, frequently during the first movement of the Fantasy Sonata (by Schubert). That opening is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.”

Why would a concert pianist enjoy fishing?...was the topic of an article you published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Would you consider throwing a line out at Baxter’s Jetty on Cabbage Tree Creek? “I’d love to but doubt I’ll have time, sadly. I like fishing (except I feel sorry for the fish, so it’s complicated) but am so impractical that I generally need help in aspects like knots etc.”

Saturday, 3rd November at 7.30pm
Sandgate Town Hall
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