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Why Don’t Koalas Sleep?

Story: Sandgate Guide
Aug 31, 2018
Why Don’t Koalas sleep?
Those in the know are aware that koalas sleep up to 22 hours a day.

The kind of sleep that any new parent can only dream of. So it’s quite clever that Lee Phethean’s creative incarnation of a fictional character comes in the form of a koala in his new children’s book.

Moving from the UK over 8 years ago, Lee and his wife settled into Brighton, calling the quaint seaside town home. Although it’s a wonderful part of the world, Lee felt incredibly far away from his family after the birth of his first child.

“ At first when your baby is born with no other family around you feel completely isolated. Nobody can give you all the right answers when raising a baby as every child is different, but having family so far away certainly makes it more difficult to just pick up the phone and ask for advice, especially with the time differences between here and the UK”, Lee says.

Facing the struggle of isolation and sleep deprivation, Lee put pen to paper to journal his thoughts and experiences. This eventually led to a creative project that resulted in a sweet children’s book called ‘The Koala That Couldn’t Sleep’.

The story is told from the point of view of a baby (koala) that doesn’t want to sleep, providing some insight into why babies sometimes struggle to develop healthy and sustained sleeping habits. Lee explains, “From a personal view, I want to create a book that will help new parents understand that a baby not sleeping is completely normal and the possible reasons for it, whilst at the same time creating a book that parents can use in the baby’s bedtime routine. If I can get my story out there and help even a handful of young families then I will be extremely happy.”

Lee is currently in the process of self-publishing the book and has set up a Go Fund Me page for donations in his quest to get the book into homes around the world.

Go to for more information and to make a donation.