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Chamber Of Commerce Aims For The Sky

Story: Story Philip Woods | Photo Paul Neil
Jul 28, 2018
Chamber of Commerce Aims for the Sky
Sandgate’s Chamber of Commerce is building a strong relationship with the Brisbane Airport Corporation, in the hope of landing opportunities for the local community and businesses.

Chamber President Mr Bill Gollan explains; “It has the beginnings of some very exciting things for our area. The BAC has identified the Sandgate bayside as a potential day-tourism area for people using the airport. This will be great for many businesses, such as retail, in the area.”

However, the Chamber sees the potential of such a strategic relationship as reaching beyond day-tourism. “Around 25,000 people are employed at the airport, and there is a lot of planned development by the BAC in the areas nearby,” Mr Gollan says. “This means a lot of opportunity for our manufacturing and trade-type business to get in front of the people driving this development.”

The third area of potential is in linking up our young people with the broad range of businesses operating in the BAC precinct, ranging from airport-related to general retail, construction and more. “What [BAC] would like to do is to start working with our local schools so we can explore career opportunities for our local kids. That’s a great thing!” Mr Gollan said.

Jessica Shannon is a Community Engagement Advisor for Brisbane Airport Corporation and is expecting significant growth in the number of jobs provided at the airport in years to come.

“ Working alongside education providers and business is critical because many of these employees will come from communities that neighbour the airport,” Jessica says.

“Since 2012, Brisbane Airport Corporation has invested around $1.7 billion in major projects… with an estimated additional $1.8 billion earmarked over the next five years until 2022. Our investments will provide opportunities for businesses in Sandgate including tourism and export opportunities.”

It’s great news for our Chamber of Commerce, as well as local enterprise and the broader community. As the nearby Gateway Motorway construction stages near completion, it seems we can expect not only easier commutes but also more visitors and more opportunities in our unique corner of the world!