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Sandbag Appoints New Ceo

Story: Sandgate Guide
May 29, 2018
SANDBAG Appoints New CEO
Local not-for-profit community organisation SANDBAG Inc has formally announced a new Chief Executive Officer to lead the group into the future.

Maggie Daunt has been appointed to the role and will bring a deep understanding of the community sector, the local area, and the organisation’s history to the position.

Ms Daunt is a 4017 local from way back, having grown up in the area. She attended Norris Rd Primary School in Bracken Ridge and Sandgate District State High School.

Maggie has worked in the community sector since 2004; prior to this, she worked in family law. Commencing employment with SANDBAG since 2011, she initially worked as a Counsellor in the Domestic Violence Unit, before moving into the Community Programs Manager role in 2015.

“I love the passion that comes from the community around the work that we do in SANDBAG,” Maggie tells us. “I’m proud of the organisation’s ability to identify a need in the community and respond creatively. Our commitment to social justice is at the forefront of my practice personally, and this is a nice alignment with SANDBAG’s values.”

Another step forward in the evolution of a great organisation doing wonderful work in our community!