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Hypnolicious: Trance Up A Storm

Story: Sandgate Guide
May 29, 2018
Hypnosis and comedy combine at Sandgate Town Hall this month for Hypnolicious, where comedy hypnotist Matt Hale dishes up his own brand of hypno wonder with hilarious consequences.  

A comedy hypnotist performer for 10 years, Matt says audiences can expect a fun, friendly show suitable for all ages.

“The show will make you laugh a lot and show you how incredible the mind is,” he says.

“It combines the fun of total audience participation with the incredible abilities of the mind and highlights the talents and creativity of the volunteers for big laughs instead of embarrassing them.  

“No two shows are ever the same.”

Matt says he put the show together to modernise the way hypnosis shows are performed, explaining how hypnosis works, rather than trying to shroud it in mystery.

“I put the show together to showcase a collection of really fun routines my volunteers (and it is a volunteers only show - you decide whether to watch or take part) can thoroughly enjoy, while giving huge laughs to everyone watching,” he says.
“I take a previously mysterious art and explain why it works and how we experience it in our daily lives anyway.

“All the while, the audience is wrapped up in a hugely interactive show where the audience are genuinely the stars.

“It’s a very upbeat and happy show, which leaves everyone buzzing, whether as an audience member or a volunteer on stage.  

“Shared laughter is a really powerful thing, and it’s not uncommon for people to let me know they’ve not had as much fun in years.”

Matt began his foray into the hypnosis world at the tender age of just 15, where he was establishing himself as a radio and club DJ in Hertfordshire, UK.

Following regular bouts of radio presenting and DJing, Matt moved halfway across the world to begin a new life on the sunny shores of Australia.

“ I landed a spot as a comedy writer for Triple M radio, eventually moving on to establish myself as a producer and presenter for 96FM, before working as a presenter for a Channel 9 travel show,” he says.

“Then an old interest of mine, hypnosis, hit the spotlight and forever changed the playing field.

“I’ve always been utterly fascinated by the idea of what the human mind could achieve if given the right environment and encouragement, so I went out and found the best teachers in the world.

“I crafted, re-crafted and perfected the perfect stage presentation, earning rave review after rave review from audiences around the world and here we are today.”

Matt has even released a new book for those wishing to delve further into the world of hypnosis, Mind Hacking Happiness, which is currently available on Amazon and shows readers how to use the way you think to get where you want.

For more information on Hypnolicious or to buy tickets visit

June 13, 7:30pm
Sandgate Town Hall
Cnr Seymour St and Loudon St, Sandgate