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New Cafe, A Wise Move

Story: Sandgate Guide
Apr 27, 2018
New Cafe, A Wise Move
Brand new on the Bracken Ridge foodie scene is the fresh and fun Three Wise Monkeys Cafe.  Wearing the many hats of owner, manager, chef and barista, ​Ti Tan​ is excited to offer a new cafe experience in the growing Bracken Ridge community. 

“We decided to open Three Wise Monkeys Cafe simply because we saw a gap in the market,” he says. 

“There is a real emergence of cool apartment and townhouse living in the area, and we know the new locals really want fresh and delicious cafe style meals here in the suburbs. 

“We wanted to provide that experience for locals and the broader community who have been really supportive of other local businesses.  

“Also, my wife and I absolutely love Campos coffee (we are a little addicted) and we wanted to bring a great brand to a great suburb.”  

Ti says the cafe’s name strikes a particular chord with him personally and resonates with his family history and place of birth, Malaysia.  

“In many Asian cultures, monkeys represent luck, fun and strength through adversity,” he says. 

“I am also a strong believer in the three monkey approach to life: speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil — we have attempted to combine our personal philosophy and attitude toward life and our upbringings into this new and exciting business.”  

With a bright and cheerful vibe and a wide range of café-style food and beverages, Three Wise Monkeys sits conveniently in the redeveloped Bracken Ridge Plaza.  

“We are light and bright and have managed to bring a lot of greenery into our space to help tie in with our monkey concept,” Ti says. 

“We think it’s fresh, chic and a little funky and hope customers see it as welcoming and friendly.”