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Premier Poet Of Song

Story: Sandgate Guide
Apr 25, 2018
Premier Poet of Song
Australia’s international music troubadour Eric Bogle returns to Music By The Sea in June to perform a concert of moving songs ranging from melodic ballads to comedy and stinging satire, penned in the unique style that has won him accolades around the world.

Bogle is well established as a contemporary folk singer who also explores other genres.  He’s famous for covering themes like the futility of war with songs like And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, and No Man’s Land, also known as The Green Fields of France.

An example of the strength of his influence, And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, was written in 1971 and has since been recorded by over 100 artists ranging from Joan Baez to The Pogues.

Some years later the Fury Brothers and Davey Arthur recorded The Green Fields of France. The song was so popular it spent ten weeks at No. 1, with a total of 26 weeks in the Irish charts.

And it seems they weren’t the only musicians who recognised the massive appeal of his work.  At least 50 of Bogel’s songs were recorded by the likes of Billy Bragg, Donovan, Mary Black, The Dubliners, Slim Dusty, John Williamson and others.

On a lighter note, one of his comedic songs is titled The Aussie BBQ, while Little Gomez and Nobody’s Moggy Now have great appeal for both animal lovers and humourists, and for legions of music fans, there’s Do You Sing Any Dylan?

Born and raised in Scotland, Bogle is now lauded as an Aussie national treasure with accolades that include a United Nations Peace Medal, Member of the Order of Australia, a Gold Disc for APRA Song of the Year, 17 studio albums, eight live albums and nine anthologies.

So, there’s quite a pool of material to draw from during the Sandgate performance. And the question has been asked, “What’s the setlist?”  Well, apparently there isn’t one.  Bogle says he doesn’t use them. Instead, he gages what the audience will enjoy and responds with the magic of the night.

June: Eric Bogle - Australian troubadour
Saturday, June 2
7.30pm, Sandgate Town Hall
Tickets online -