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Go Fishing With Dad!

Story: Sandgate Guide
Apr 25, 2018
Go Fishing With Dad!
Lots of folks hold fond memories of fishing with their father when they were children. They may recall the first strange and squishy experience of delicately threading a still-wiggling worm or a prawn onto a hook, or the great satisfaction found in a good strong cast; a seeming eternity as the whirring line follows the sinker and bait through the sky to sea, before dropping into the water to tempt your catch. Then hopefully, your first bite!

It’s an experience that everyone should have, and for the third year running Bracken Ridge State School’s ‘Fathering Project Events’ is offering  ‘Dads’ Fishing Night’ to interested fathers, father figures or carers, and their children, at the Shorncliffe Pier on Friday 1st June.

Ben Laws, Deputy Principal of Bracken Ridge State School, initiated the event in 2016 and saw benefits for participants year after year. “It was all premised on trying to get Dads more engaged with their kids at school; we opened it up to all other local primary schools and ended up with around 60 Dads and children attending. It was a lot of fun; a kind of organised chaos but everyone walked away happy and satisfied.”

The event is designed for first-time anglers and experienced fisher-folk and is free to attend. If children do not have a father or father figure, then mums or aunties are welcome to bring their kids along to join in the fun.

Local fishing guru Mark Templeton from Sandgate Tackle Land has been supporting the event for the last two years. “Mark and his staff have been amazing,” Ben says. “They provide all the bait and lots of technical support to everyone on the night; it’s a godsend having them involved.”

Although Ben started this event, he aims for the participants to take ownership of it eventually. “I want Dads to really own it and care about it. In terms of mental health, men in general, don’t often take the opportunity to meet and talk about things, and they can be better Dads and better people for it.”

Check out and search for ‘BRSS Dads Fishing Night’ to register your interest.