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Premium Record Fair

Story: Sandgate Guide
Mar 27, 2018
Vinyl buffs and lovers of good coffee won’t want to miss the Premium Record Fair at Sheeno’s Tailor Made Coffee this month.

Head down to the Deagon coffee shop with a difference on Saturday, April 7th where some of Brisbane’s finest record dealers will have their best vinyl discs on offer.

Sheeno’s owner Chris Sheen opened his Braun Street coffee shop in May last year and has since turned the relaxed store into a great combination of coffee shop, record shop and more recently a part-time barber shop.

“We had always played music through an MP3 player and listened to the radio, but we wanted more and wanted to offer something different,” Chris says.

“I love music, and I just thought vinyl and coffee were a match made in heaven.”

This combination has proved popular with customers, and the next step was to host a record fair to attract vinyl buffs and new customers to the shop and other shops in the complex, Chris says.

“I want to be a coffee shop with a difference,” he says.

“To me records just have a different feeling to them.

“They feel more real. You tend to listen to the record from start to finish, and you really get to appreciate and understand what the artist was trying to do with his album.”

Chris says the record fair will have a focus on quality over quantity featuring music from the ’60s to the ’80s — everything from ABBA to Zappa.

“I grew up playing guitar, playing in a band but honestly I have a love for all types of music and records just have a sound to them that cannot be matched.”

While shopping for records at the fair people can enjoy the delicious Cleanskin Coffee blend Old School, pop in and see the barber, and stay and chat to friends while listening to some chilled music from the record player or local musician Danny Mose.

The record fair will be held at 140 Braun Street, Deagon, 8am-noon on April 7th. Please note record sales will be cash only and there is no ATM on site. Best parking is at the rear of the shop complex.

For more information follow Sheeno’s TMC on Facebook or Instagram.