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Soul Brothers

Story: Sandgate Guide
Mar 27, 2018
Soul brothers
For Tim and Sam Aitken, music was not so much a calling but more a hereditary condition. And now the brothers from the Sunshine Coast, after years of honing their craft, are making all the right noises.

The pair is among the youngest in the world to be signed by Sony Music, and Sandgate crowds have the chance to say they caught them before they were famous when they play at the Cardigan Bar on 5th May.

Tim, 18, says he doesn’t remember a time when music wasn’t floating through the Aitken household.

“Music was always a big part of our younger years growing up,” he says.

“There’s not many weekend mornings we woke up, and there wasn’t music playing through the house.”

Sam, 15, adds, “Our Dad was also a musician so it was no surprise to see a musical instrument under the Christmas tree from time to time.”

Tim says the crowd at the Cardigan Bar will get a concentrated dose of the brothers’ original tracks, with a few covers thrown in for good measure. And their extensive influences will be on show.

“Early on, we were mainly influenced by just songs that would draw a crowd when we busked so we weren’t that particular,” he says.

“If it was a song that would make people stop and listen, then we’d learn it. But if I had to narrow it down to artists, then definitely Ed Sheeran, Oasis, Coldplay and a splash of a few others have influenced the way I write songs.

“We will be playing about 70% original songs and the rest covers, but with our twist. We’ll be playing with our band so it will be a good, fun night.”

The brothers are no strangers to pushing their music out into the world, with the pair devising some fairly audacious promotional plugs.

Among them getting the king of busking himself, Ed Sheeran, to let them play to the crowds outside his sold-out Brisbane show.

“We’ve also played Suncorp Stadium!” Sam says. “Well actually, we contacted Ed Sheeran’s people to ask if we could busk outside before his concert, and he approved it.”

These brothers will play with their band, Sametime at the Cardigan Bar on 5th May. See the bar’s Facebook page for more details.