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Principal Gray Arrives On The Bay

Story: Sandgate Guide
Feb 28, 2018
Principal Gray arrives on the Bay
St Kieran's Primary School in Brighton is kicking off the 2018 school year with the arrival of new principal, Ben Gray.

In his 11th year of teaching, Ben was excited at the opportunity to be involved in such a tight-knit school.

“Having spent the last four years in the close community of Gayndah with my wife and three daughters, I was motivated to move closer to Brisbane and grow in my leadership capacity, while still working as part of a school which valued and lived out the importance of working together," he says

“St Kieran's has always prided itself on maintaining a strong sense of community, and I was motivated to be involved in shaping and leading that direction."

Ben says St Kieran’s is a special place and there is always a buzz around the school.

“The mornings are filled with smiling faces and genuine excitement,” he says.

“Our staff are some of the most motivated people I have ever worked with, and they value every student and parent who walks into our grounds.”