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New Owners Embrace Baaia

Story: Sandgate Guide
Feb 28, 2018
New Owners Embrace Baaia
It’s been less than a month since Shorncliffe locals Karen Broadhurst and Rich Hodgson took the reins of Sandgate’s Baaia Cafe, but the husband and wife team are making waves at the waterfront favourite.

Hailing from a hospitality and real estate background, Karen says the decision to take over the popular cafe stemmed from previous cafe ownerships.

“We moved up from a town called Bungendore just outside Canberra in May, where I was a real estate agent for the past five years,” she says.

“I started in real estate here in Queensland, but I found it really difficult, after being successful in Canberra, to start all over again in Brisbane.

“I’ve owned several cafes over the years and had always wanted to explore this again, so when [Baaia] came on the market it seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Karen says the success of the cafe has been immediate and the demand overwhelming.

“The response has been very positive and we are very busy at the moment; almost completely full on weekends,“ she says.

“We are getting more tables to cope with the demand from our patrons and are going to open Friday and Saturday nights in the near future.“

But Karen says it is the picturesque views of the waterfront, unique food and amazing staff that really make the cafe stand out.

“Obviously our position is spectacular and one of a kind in the local community,“ she says

“But our food always brings the patrons back time and time again.

“We offer cafe food that is different — we sell croque monsieur, which is a French version of a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, as well as your everyday brekky favourites and we make the most amazing hash browns.

“Lunch is made up of really fresh dishes like Thai fish cakes, and as my husband is Cornish, we will be making traditional Cornish pasties.

“We also have two new chefs and new baristas who are young, vibrant and really enthusiastic.“ 

n For information on Baaia or to make a booking visit the Facebook page or phone 3269 7510.