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New Gym A Shore Thing

Story: Sandgate Guide
Feb 28, 2018
New Gym A Shore Thing
Sandgate has ramped up its health and fitness image with the completion of a new outdoor gym in Arthur Davis Park.

Councillor Jared Cassidy says unlike the usual gym equipment seen in parks, this equipment is all together in one spot, rather than spread around in a circuit style.

“This means that along with other visitors to the gym, people can work on one or all of the equipment in a session,” he says

“There is a range of resistance-based equipment including a shoulder press, step-ups, back extension, dexterity bar, leg press, shoulder wheel and chin-up bars.”

Cr Cassidy says the new gym will add another lifestyle element to an already buzzing location.

“We see a lot of people walking, running and cycling along the foreshore and this will encourage people to get even more fit and healthy,” he says.

“There are alarming rates of both childhood and adult weight-related health issues right across Australia, and our community is not immune to this.

“Hopefully this free community equipment will encourage more people to get fit and active.”