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Still Moving Forward

Story: Emma Harley
Jan 30, 2018
Still Moving Forward
It was the end of an era last month with the closure of iconic Sandgate landmarks the RSL Memorial Club due to debt.

Sandgate RSL Sub Branch vice president and senior welfare officer Peter McNamara says the closure was a huge loss for the community, but the Sandgate RSL Sub Branch is focusing on moving forward.

“At present, the Sandgate RSL Sub Branch is actively searching for a new tenant and also looking at every way we can assist the community in this situation,” he says.

“We have had two companies looking at the site, and one has expressed a deep interest in further discussions with both Worrells and Sandgate RSL Sub Branch, so there is definitely more to follow in this matter.

“It would be ideal if that tenant was a like-minded business or club of some nature that would fill the gap for entertainment and social climate that the Sandgate area is needing. 

“Should that not eventuate, we are willing to consider all options, but our primary concerns are for the like-minded club-type of tenant, who will employ that labour, that were, unfortunately, the main victims of this situation.”

Peter says that the role of veteran affairs will continue in the community as it always has, both in events and veteran support.

“We have our duty to continue our pensions and welfare work to support the needy amongst the veterans and families within the community,” he says.

“And the closure of Club Sandgate will have no effect on our major commemorative services this year.

“This year celebrates the Armistice — the end of World War One, the war to end all wars, and our commemoration of this will be a solemn and respectful experience starting with the Anzac Day commemorations and concluding on the 11th November at 11:00am, when the official end of the war was signaled 100 years ago to the day.

“Veterans Day on the 18th August will also be remembered with a solemn service that veterans of the community will be encouraged as always to attend.”

Peter says they must continue to grow the membership by engaging with the community to help take the RSL forward.

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