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Yoga With Your Piers

Story: Brooke Jacobson
Jan 30, 2018
Yoga with your piers
Take a deep breath and finally stretch into those New Year’s resolutions with a special sunrise yoga class at the Shorncliffe Pier.

Hosted by Urban Bliss Yoga, the Sound Off At Sea event will take place on Sunday, February 4 at 5.15am.

Urban Bliss Yoga founder Nicola Bone says the class is a great way to shake off the party season and greet the year.

“Our motto for the event is saluting the sunrise, and it’s perfect for anyone who really wants to just stop and take a breath after the busy festive season,” she says.

“The Shorncliffe Pier is such an iconic location, and we just can’t wait to have more than 200 yogis there for the occasion.”

Nicola adds you don’t have to be a yoga expert to attend. Sound Off At The Sea is for everyone.

“This event really is for all ages, all levels of yoga experience — even if you’ve never done yoga before,” she says.

“It’s such a beautiful way to stretch your body, at a gorgeous location.”

Nicola will be leading the class, with participants given wireless headphones to wear during the event so that they can hear her instructions and the music.

There will also be six other yoga teachers on the pier to assist local yogis who may not have a clear view of Nicola.

Class participants are asked to bring their own yoga mat.

The event is in its second year, although in 2017 the class was held at sunset.

“We thought we’d try something a bit different this time,” Nicola says.

“You can’t really beat seeing the sunrise as you breathe and stretch at that beautiful location on Moreton Bay.”

Sound Off At Sea will be held on Sunday, February 4 at 5.15am. It’s a 60-minute class, and participants are asked to bring their own yoga mat.

Tickets are $35 and are available at or at