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Tune In To A Troubadour’s Trade

By Philip Woods | Nov 29, 2017
Tune In To A Troubadour’s Trade
Sandgate locals can learn and get a taste of the trade from a travelling musician, when accomplished songstress Abbie Cardwell reveals some secrets in her  “My Private Songwriting “ workshop, held at the Cardigan Bar on 16th December.

Abbie is an authentic musical spirit, and she’s put the rubber on the road to prove it. Her musical journey has taken her to many places - from Adelaide and Melbourne to Brisbane, and several times to Mexico where she plays with Mexican band The Twin Tones.

Abbie says, “I had been teaching song writing at JMC Music Academy and I loved it. I was really enjoying teaching and I thought, ‘Actually, I think can go out on my own and do this’.”

Abbie has achieved accolades in the industry, which include winning the coveted Triple J Unearthed competition and the BMA USA Song Award; but she doesn’t play for the awards. She plays for the songs, and she teaches the craft for her love of song writing and to inspire others.

Abbie’s song writing workshops are for anyone, any style of music and all levels of ability, from beginner to advanced.

“You work from whatever level you are at,” Abbie says. 

" I’ve basically created workshops that I would love to attend,” Abbie says

Her workshops are unique. Besides the actual physical workshop, attendees also gain access to future online learning with Abbie, and through the opportunity to network and collaborate online with like-minded songwriters.

She has played at the Cardigan Bar numerous times. “It's such a cool venue, it always just feels like a house party, where you are in the heart of the home.”

Abbie plans to deliver full online courses from next year, and currently holds private workshops throughout Brisbane and northern NSW. It’s wonderful, although rare, that such knowledge and passion is made available to anyone who’s interested.

The best songs are written from experience, and the experience of Abbie’s workshop might just add to your experience!

▪ Tickets are limited; more info on the event (and Abbie) can be found on Facebook, or at www.myprivatesongwritingwor...