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Music By The Sea Festival 2018

Story: Sandgate Guide
Nov 29, 2017
Music By The Sea Festival 2018
Well, there's some exciting news from the music world! Music By The Sea has revised the format of its 16th annual festival to present one exceptional day and evening of jazz, folk and world music on Saturday, 6th January.

The new-look 2018 program boasts a tableau of five concerts with invited international and national artists who are truly at the top of their game. 

We're thrilled to advise that virtuoso jazz pianist Joe Chindamo, performing as a trio with two colleagues, has been confirmed as the headline act with a
knock-out concert on Saturday night.

Master musicians Francis Gilfeder, Oi Dipnoi Trio (Sicily), Bungarribee, Andrea Vettoretti and
Massimo Scattolin (Italy) will complete a well rounded program.

As an appetiser, perhaps an introduction to Bungarribee will appeal to music lovers hankering for a new sound. 

The mix of original work and European classics are arranged freely across world music and jazz, and described by one industry source as being, "north-east of jazz, south-south-west of Europe".

Quartet founder, respected composer, accordionist and pianist Gary Daley said, "Yes, the sound is hard to describe. But the Indigenous word Bungarribee provides an evocative image. One half loosely means a meeting place, a little expanse of water like a pond or lake. The other half means a bird, like a galah, a currawong or a kookaburra. So, the concept behind the band is a meeting place of music minds."

Artistic Director Zoli Mauritz said, "The 2018 festival continues to actively engage and educate audiences in the intimate setting of our imposing 105 year-old, air conditioned, federation-style town hall.

"For the last 20 years, Music By The Sea has enjoyed performances by some of the world's best, including great Australian artists like Elena Kats-Chernin, Jane Rutter, David Helfgott, Simon Tedeschi and William Barton.

"We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors and partners who have helped deliver a fresh new program of such quality
and depth." 

For those who enjoy the classical side of music, the 2019 boutique festival will feature music exclusively from the classical genre.

And finally, more good news - the popular FREE Cafe Series will continue, linking the community with morning sessions at Matthew Thomas Cafe and an evening session at EclecTea.

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