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Shop Local - Local Businesses To Take The Reigns This Silly Season

Story: Sandgate Guide
Nov 29, 2017
Shop Local - Local Businesses  to Take the Reigns  this Silly Season
With the festive season upon us, Sandgate locals are set to bring Christmas cheer to their community by stocking up on Christmas gifts and goodies locally, supporting the area’s artisans, food manufacturers and retailers.

Brisbane Computer Solutions owner Norton Seron says it is important to support small operators as they are the lifeblood of any community. 

“As soon as the big players move in, businesses close and the town loses its soul and feel,” he says.

“The less support there is, the less shops there are and it forces people to go elsewhere.

“If we want a vibrant, healthy community, we must support local business.”

Norton says shopping locally also allows businesses to give back to the community.

“As the owner of a local business, I don’t just have four staff depending on me, I have four families depending on me and the business to help raise children, pay rent or mortgage and buy groceries,” he says.

“These staff reinvest in the Sandgate community just by living here and raising families, and this benefits everyone in the community.”

Willow Coffee & Gifts owner, Megan Fellowes says small business provides a level of customer service unique to smaller operators.

“Customers already have a relationship with the business owner, who is willing to go that extra mile to meet their needs,” she says.

“Small businesses can also provide better consumer choices, such as stocking locally made products or partnering with other local businesses to provide services.

“By supporting local businesses, you are not only supporting the business owner, but also other local businesses supplying that business - for us, these other local businesses are 4017 mums who make our handmade children’s clothes, candles and earrings.”

Cat Pritchard is the owner of local business Indulgence at Shorncliffe, which produces chemical-free body products and soy candles. 

She says shopping locally is important as it means supporting artists and creators from the area.

“ It gives the shopper a sense of being part of a community, but importantly the ability to contribute to a local’s dream and to see them grow,” she says.

“They need the local support and encouragement to stay in business and support local activities.

“Sandgate has a great local following and I have found my followers are very loyal and happy to support me, which reminds me they were there at the beginning of my journey.”