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Get Cracking At Christmas @ The Corner

Story: Sandgate Guide
Oct 27, 2017
GET CRACKING  at Christmas @ the Corner
Bowser Parade shops will throw open their doors and light up their windows this December with a festive evening event set to make Sandgate sparkle. 

Little Light Up - Christmas @ The Corner is a collaborative festive event, with local businesses teaming up to create a Christmas celebration for the whole family.

Guests can stroll the popular Sandgate corner while enjoying gourmet culinary treats at a sit-down tasting provided by Satori Organics, live music and a tipple or two from the Cardigan Bar, all while browsing a range of Christmas gifts at the various market stalls.

With a stunning unveiling of Christmas-themed shop windows, Christmas carols and even a mini Christmas pageant performance of Polar Express, it is truly a Christmas event for the whole family.

The Cut & Colour Room owner Kimberley Washington says all the shops on the corner are part of the fabric of this community and are excited to be able to wish locals and guests a Merry Christmas.

“We just adore Christmas — the buzz in the air, making things as special for our children as it was for us and establishing lifelong memories,” she says.

“We are having a lot of fun planning and collaborating, and are hoping to make it an annual Christmas calendar event for the local community.”

Cardigan Bar manager Mel Henwood says the annual event is a great opportunity to bring local families out, turn on the Christmas tree lights and celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season.  

“It is a small gesture to the Sandgate residents to wish them a happy Christmas and get everyone in the festive spirit.”

“One of the highlights of the evening will be the lighting of the tree with fairy lights as the evening closes in, so there will be a twinkle in the tree as well as a twinkle from the stars,” she says.

“It will also be foodie heaven with all the Satori treats, and the perfect opportunity to stock up early on Christmas gifts for the whole family.

“With children singing Christmas carols, music from Avoka at the Cardigan Bar, and exclusive butter chicken chips from Three Blind Mice Café, there will be happy vibes everywhere.”

Spots at the Satori tasting session are limited so to book your spot email 

Little Light Up -
Christmas @ The Corner
December 1 - 5.30-8.30pm
Bowser Parade, Sandgate