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One Night, One Ball

By Susannah Holmes | Sep 23, 2017
One Night, One Ball
Transport yourself in time to an elegant ballroom and celebrate the life of renowned novelist Jane Austen at an English ball on the bicentenary of Austen’s death.

Colonial Dance’s Regency Ball is a wonderful opportunity to experience the historically restored Sandgate Town Hall in a ball gown or breeches. All ladies and gentlemen are encouraged to dress in the style of the Regency period. 

Dance caller, Heather Clarke, describes the fashion as, “Elegance without ostentation - very flattering, and feels wonderful to wear.”

Think: high-waisted, flowing gowns for ladies, and tailored clothing for men — cutaway coats and snugly fitted breeches or trousers. The emphasis is on elegance and simplicity, once motivated by the ideals of the French Republic, but inspired by classical Greece and Rome.

Heather specialises in the music and dance of the era when Jane herself was dancing and writing.  “We primarily focus on the dances which were an integral part of social life in early colonial Australia and these fall into the same timeframe as Jane’s life.  The dances she enjoyed were the same as the ones danced in the colony. All the dances are taught on the night.”

“You do not need to come with a dance partner, and you may dance with anyone you like. Lots of people come solo, or as groups, and couples of all descriptions are welcome.”

Live music will be played by ‘Phillip’s Dog’, performing a stimulating selection of tunes to inspire all to participate. A light buffet supper will be served during two interludes in the dancing. Make the most of the spectacle and ambience.

Jane Austen Regency Ball

Sandgate Town Hall
Saturday 21 October, 7-11pm
Cost: $65

Further information:
Heather Clarke on 3289 4708