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Shorncliffe Pottery’s Expressions Exhibition Turns 10

Sandgate Guide | Sep 22, 2017

Shorncliffe Pottery Club celebrates 10 years of their Expressions Exhibition at Sandgate Town Hall this October. 

The exhibition will see members of Shorncliffe Pottery Club display not only a wide selection of pottery but also paintings and other artwork contributed by Sandgate Arts Society in a collaborative event of sorts, designed to promote the local arts community in the area. 

 “This is the 10th anniversary, so we wanted to create a party atmosphere to celebrate,” says Margaret Pettit. 

“We’d love people to come along and enjoy [Expressions] – and like what they see enough to buy a lot of it!” While the admission may seem a little cheeky, it’s not without substance. Last year alone, members of the organisation sold 75 percent of the work on display, the profits of which are directly returned to the artists and potters. 

This year, the opportunity to buy is increased with a special table offering items for $30 and under. Without a doubt, the group have come a long way since they began over 30 years ago. The club started as a backyard affair in 1983, with a group of members who took the opportunity to experiment with pottery. 

As interest grew, so too has the organisation, which now boasts a membership of 160 people, 50 of whom are currently active.
They currently reside at Sandgate PCYC (and have done since 2005), an arrangement that is mutually beneficial to both parties. “We have a good relationship with the PCYC … 

We don’t have to worry about finding money for rent and insurance,” says Pettit. The move has also seen an increase in membership, with new members often finding the club by accident, when dropping their children off at gymnastics or one of the PCYC’s many other activities.
For Pettit though, the success of the club is not based on profit or increased membership. “It’s the comradery that I find beneficial … having the friendship of the other members.”

Expressions Exhibition

Thursday 12th - Sunday 15th October 2017. Opening hours: Thursday (6-9pm),
Friday and Saturday (9am-9pm), and Sunday (9am-2pm).

More Info: Phone Margaret Pettit 0497 280 008