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Sustaining Green Lane

By Susannah Holmes | Aug 29, 2017
Sustaining Green Lane
The Sandgate State School community pride themselves on looking to the future; addressing sustainability and well-being.

Combined school and P&C funds of $6,500 have been donated towards maintaining the perpetuity of edible gardens on-site, first established within the area known as Green Lane, in 2010.

Green Lane sits between the school tuck shop and prep rooms, engaging the whole school. Former parent and garden volunteer, Leanne Abbey explains, “Our idea was to have an area to admire, to linger, to work in, to rejoice; any time of the day for everyone, to bring the school community together.”

“ Green Lane has focused on education and involvement for our children on where their food comes from, since 2010. To move with this vision, we are embarking on a new exciting project,” Principal Warren Beetson says.

“The green space is to be transformed into an orchard within a series of garden beds. Our aim is to provide a safe space of learning for children at Garden Club, and to reduce food waste in our school through composting and water efficiency.”

Nine new raised, no-dig wicking beds will be built using untreated hardwood. The Garden Club will plant low-maintenance, high-yield plants requiring minimal care.

Parent-volunteer, Kelly Williamson says, “We intend to keep our parents in supply of healthy fresh produce every week. We will donate fresh food to our tuck shop so that all children in our school can benefit from homegrown, spray free, organic produce.”

Kelly has, “lost count on how many parents say to me that their children are now eating things at home that they never would have in the past, after having that experience of growing their own food.

“The children feel a great sense of pride in their garden space, and it teaches them valuable skills on working as a team.”

The focus on low maintenance, self-watering systems and sustainability will make gardening a breeze for the school community.