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Laundry On Wheels

By Christine Chamberlain | Jul 26, 2017
Laundry On Wheels
A bus restoring the dignity of people who have fallen on hard times will be driving into Sandgate this month.

Stand Up, Step Out is a new homeless outreach service operating daily in north Brisbane from a modified bus.

The free service will provide homeless people including families, older people and younger people with access to hot showers and laundry facilities as well as professional housing and mental health workers to help people get back on their feet.

This project is a partnership between three community organisations; SANDBAG, Footprints in Brisbane and One Voice.

SANDBAG chief executive officer Alisa Hall says the bus is funded through the Queensland Government’s Dignity First Funding Grant and will be an enormous benefit to people in our community.

“The partners in the project identified that people who are homeless have limited options to access laundry and showering facilities within local areas,’’ Alisa says.

“ Ensuring that all individuals are able to access the basic supports to enable them to participate and engage in community life is absolutely critical.’’

The full-sized bus has been modified to include two showers and one laundry (washer and dryer).  The bus also includes a space for individual consultations with housing and health staff. 

Alisa says volunteer drivers are needed to ensure the success of the project.

“This is a vital role for the project.  The funding received supported the purchase and fit out of the bus and establishment costs but does not provide for other operational costs,’’ she says. 

“This is a wonderful opportunity for those who might already have a heavy or medium rigid licence to use their skills to give back and support others in the local area.’’

n If you can help phone 3252 3488 or email

The bus will stop at Curlew Park in Sandgate (off Rainbow Street) every Wednesday, 9.30am to noon. Individuals who access the bus at Sandgate will be encouraged to head over to SANDBAG (153 Rainbow Street) for Community Cafe (two-course meal for a gold coin donation).

The bus will also stop the first and third Monday of the month at Encircle Redcliffe, 1 Lamington Drive, Redcliffe 10am to 1pm.