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5th Annual 4017 Community Exhibition

By Shane Rodwell, | Jun 27, 2017
5th Annual 4017  Community Exhibition
This month, Gallery 4017 at Artrageous Arts will host The 4017 Community Exhibition, now in its fifth year. Open to artists living in the 4017 area as well as those affiliated with the centre, this competition showcases the diverse art of the community’s creative soul.

Artists have given the world a cornucopia of dazzling and awe-inspiring work. “Blue Poles”, Machu Picchu and The Bayeux Tapestry, all still mystify viewers.

The rarefied air, in which masters and their works are held, belongs to a small percentage of artists. For most of us, our time and energy are appreciated by small circles. This is not wasted devotion. The repeated marks with a pencil or the regular flick of hook and thread can ease us into a quiet, meditative state. The challenges of life vanish, and for a while, time has no meaning. We are at our best. Shaven wood, soggy clay, tile shards and fabric shreds lay on the floor. After the mist of the trance has cleared, we see the rewards of our quiet time.

Many artists explore more than one medium or new avenues of expression. Marie Smith, winner of 2016 ‘4017 Annual Community Art Competition,’ is one such artist. A newcomer to picture painting, she has painted most of her life as a sign writer. After lessons in acrylics, oils and watercolour, she bravely entered the 4017 Community Exhibition, with her painting, “Shorncliffe Groyne”. To her delight, she was awarded the prize of a solo exhibition free of charge at Gallery 4017. With her first solo show under her belt, she will continue on her dog-legged path.

Marie will no doubt be finding herself in the future surrounded by scattered pencils, and jars of brushes and, before her, a vision complete.

Should you wish to share the fruits of your meditative time with others, show your skill and vision to the community at large, then enter the 4017 Community Exhibition.

For details, please contact Artrageous Arts at or on 32691535.

Artrageous Arts 82-88 Loftus St. Deagon

Exhibition Opens 6.30pm Friday 14th July

Closes Saturday 29th July 3.00pm

All are welcome.