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Pennies By The Sea

By Susannah Holmes | Jun 27, 2017
Pennies by the Sea
Celebrate the 200th anniversary of the bicycle this year with the Queensland Penny Farthing and Historical Cycle Club. Whether it’s high tea, dance, dinner or appreciation of vintage and historical bikes, it’s happening here in July.
QPFHCC Secretary, Aaron Wray says, “Pennies by the Sea is a family-friendly event, and we encourage people of all ages to come along and see these elegant machines, ask questions and even sit on a penny farthing if they dare.”
Enthusiasts who built their penny through the SkillsTech course at Bracken Ridge have been inspired to create a way they can display and talk about their bicycles.
Enjoy old English folk dance with an espresso and watch the Slow Ride over 25m - the slowest wins. The penny stack is a freestanding group of penny farthings and is a crowd favourite, a wonderful opportunity to see a large number together.
A dinner is being held at Bramble Place Coffee and Tea, as well as a high tea at lunch time. “We encourage people to visit local businesses whilst in town for the event”.
The bicycle, born out of necessity, has evolved from a way for people to move faster under their own power. In 1817, German inventor Karl Drais developed the Laufmaschine (running machine); a transport solution that has gone on to become today’s bicycle, providing cheaper mobility, independence and freedom to millions of people around the world. There are celebrations held all over Australia and the world to commemorate this anniversary.
“ People coming along can expect to see the widest variety of bikes in Brisbane, including bikes harking back to early Australian history. We are a hands-on club, so encourage everyone to come along and recreate a time gone by. It’ll be a memorable experience.”
Pennies by the Sea
Einbunpin Lagoon Park,
Brighton Road, Sandgate
Saturday 22 July, 2-4pm
Aaron Wray
0418 786 074