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Vintage Yacht Regatta

By Christine Chamberlain | Jun 27, 2017
Vintage Yacht Regatta
The passionate boat builder and Deagon Slipways owner says the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club event brings together the finest vintage yachts from all over Queensland.

The Regatta, also known as The Gaffers, will be held the weekend of July 29 and 30.

Pagan is a Tasman Seabird built in 1962 at the slipway in Deagon by Clem Masters. Peter bought the yacht 21 years ago.

“It was built to be an ocean racer, but these days it is a family cruising boat that we occasionally race,” Peter says.

Each year The Gaffers at Shorncliffe sees a fleet of between 30 and 60 boats compete in four races over the two days.

“ It’s a really beautiful atmosphere. You still race, but it is more about the community and everyone having fun,” he says.

The weekend attracts a wide variety of entries, with boats ranging in size from 10 to 60 foot.

“It’s a very mixed fleet with boats ranging in value from a few thousand dollars through to millions of dollars. Even though all the boats are a bit different, they are all classic-style boats.’’

The regatta is very special because the people are bound by their love of all wooden boats, Peter says.

The public is encouraged to come along and watch the fleet sail off Shorncliffe or check out the yachts up close at the Yacht Club before and after a race.

The regatta is not only open to sailing yachts; skippers of sailing dinghies, motorboats or those who would prefer not to race are also welcome to join in.

Berthing for all vessels is free throughout the weekend.

The Yacht Club will be open for breakfast and dinner during the weekend, with live music on the Saturday night.

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QCYC is located on Sinbad St, Shorncliffe