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An Evening With Spirit

Sandgate Guide | Jun 27, 2017
An Evening With Spirit
Tony Davis Psychic Medium and special guest Lindie Gunston Spirit Medium, invite you to join them for a night of Mediumship, whilst they connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World for an Evening with Spirit.

Both Tony and Lindie find it to be an absolute honour and privilege to stand on stage and not only connect you with your loved ones as they provide evidence that their Spirit still lives on in the Spirit World, but that they are lucky enough to meet them this way.

Tony and Lindie will demonstrate their ability to connect and bring forward the true essence of the Spirit in a very caring and heartfelt manner.

This is not only an opportunity for you to witness two Mediums who really enjoy what they do by demonstrating life continues on the other side and offering guidance from your loved ones, but it also gives you the chance to have one more special moment and create another memory with those loved ones whom you may well think about every day.

This magical night will be held at the beautiful and historical Sandgate Town Hall on Sunday 16 July 2017.

Tickets available online only at

Enter code word “SPIRIT” to receive $10 off downstairs tickets or Code word “SANDGATE” for $5 off upstairs tickets