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Cultural Flavour Fusion

Sandgate Guide | May 30, 2017
Cultural Flavour Fusion
It might be called 3 Blind Mice Café, but you could never accuse its owners of lacking vision thanks to this Sandgate eatery’s intense blend of flavours and cuisines.

Owner Misbah Kane has a long history in the culinary arts, with a background in Pakistani and Indian cooking and a long-held dream to own her own café.

“I was brought up cooking for my family as a young girl, which led to the ownership of an Indian restaurant here in Australia for many years,” she says.

“However, during a particularly difficult time in my life, I decided to leave it all behind to study a diploma of hospitality and management at TAFE.

“Now with my experience, qualifications and my goal of owning a cafe, I am looking forward to offering the people of this community something new and fresh.”

It was love at first sight when Misbah first saw the café earlier this year, and the result is the culmination of many years of hard work, struggle and focus.

Misbah says she is excited by the way the cafe pushes her creativity, continually improving and changing as time passes.

“We are very unique and differ from all other cafes around because of my heritage,” she says.

“I wanted to infuse my Pakistani upbringing and cooking skills into a traditional cafe setting, and this is starting to take shape.

“I wasn’t sure exactly what a Pakistani fusion cafe would look like as there are very few examples, so I am forging my own path in this way, but each day it’s becoming clearer what this exciting journey looks like and the customer feedback has been tremendous.”


Misbah says the future holds a greater exploration of unique Pakistani fusion cafe dishes.

“At the moment it’s going really great, but will only get better as I come up with new flavour combinations and innovative new dishes,” she says.

“I also am hoping that the cafe becomes a very real part of this community by supporting community needs.

“I love that Sandgate is such a diverse group of people who join together to make this community beautiful - there is a real sense of ownership and pride within the people here.”