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Design Of The Times: Einbunpin Poster Competition

Sandgate Guide | Apr 26, 2017
Design Of The Times: Einbunpin Poster Competition
The extremely popular Einbunpin Festival is just around the corner with this year’s theme, Celebrating Our Community, putting the Sandgate’s citizenry firmly at its centre.

Each year the festival releases a poster that visually represents its theme, with the artwork displayed in shops, community spaces and the festival website.

This annual tradition has taken a different turn this year, with the poster design being run as a competition.

Open to all Year 10, 11 and 12 students; the competition will allow entrants to flaunt their artistic talents and creativity, with the winner receiving a framed poster print of their design.

Councillor Jared Cassidy says the competition is a first for the Einbunpin Festival and an exciting way to get senior students involved.

“Our colouring-in competition for primary school students is a really popular part of our Festival, and we hope our senior students will embrace this new addition,” he says.

Local artist and event promoter, Gene Carr, says the competition is a great opportunity to show what the art and design students can do in the local area.   

“We started this competition as a way to motivate younger students to pursue careers in art while also giving them a platform through which to expand their art careers,” he says.

“ It will also allow the students to expand their portfolios and add another pathway to an artistic career.

“Entrants are not required to have any qualifications in art or formal skills; it is about creating a piece that can be used by the Sandgate community as a way to promote the festival.”

After graduating from high school last year and recently hosting his first art exhibition at Deagon’s Artrageous Community Arts and Craft Centre, Gene’s passion for art in the community has grown, and he has embraced the opportunity to promote the poster competition.

“I try to contribute by helping others with their art in [any way] that I can,” Gene says.

Entries may be drawn, sketched,

painted or a collage, but must be submitted electronically (scanned) by 12 May to

For more information on the Einbunpin Festival poster competition or to download an entry, visit