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Once In A Blues Moon

Sandgate Guide | Mar 29, 2017
Once In A Blues Moon
Blues and brews are good for the soul and Once in a Blues Moon the two combine — and it’s all set to go down at the Full Moon Hotel in Sandgate.

On April 9 at the Hotel, the event is all about kicking back on the deck on a Sunday afternoon and grooving to some serious blues tunes.

Front row and centre at the event will be owners Lucinda and Toby Black.

Lucinda says the idea stemmed from their previous experience owning a pub in the Byron Bay hills.

“The number of talented musicians in that neck of the woods is staggering,” she says.

“We started a ‘Not Quite Folk’ jam night that was very successful and introduced us to some of the area’s finest musicians.

“It was there that our love for good ol’ knee-slapping blues and folk formed, so we thought we would bring a little of Byron Bay to Sandgate.”

The Phil Levy Collective will perform at the event, heating up the crowd with their unique musical stylings.

“It’s old country blues, western swing, guitar instrumentals, folk, country and a tinge of jazz - what could possibly go wrong?” Lucinda laughs.

“It’s like plucking a muso from several bands, and they come together for a mash-up of guitars, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, percussions, harmonica and double bass.

“These musicians just have so much fun with it. They smile the whole time, and you can’t help but feel wrapped up in what they do.

“ These guys are seasoned musicians, they live and breathe it — this style isn’t just a flash in the pan for them.”

Lucinda says the idea of a blues afternoon has sent ripples of excitement through the Sandgate community.

“Funnily enough, everyone’s ears have pricked up when we tell them the plans,” she says.

“Sandgate and the people here never cease to amaze.”

For more information on the event visit

Sunday, April 9 from 3:30pm

Full Moon Hotel

118 Eagle Terrace, Sandgate