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Constructing Creativity

Sandgate Guide | Mar 29, 2017
Constructing Creativity
Building Block Studio in Sandgate will be holding Minecraft engineering sessions during the school holidays.

The workshops are aimed at kids ages 6 and up, and are held during school holidays, and at times during the school term. The studio sets up a shared server that all participants can use to build on. The server will be set up with ‘land claims’ meaning that participants can mark out a space specifically for their own building purposes. There is also the option to grant rights to others to help build.

Event organiser, Rebecca, says the workshops are designed to encourage students to work together. “We want to encourage team cooperation and the sharing of ideas and skills, as well as encouraging our players to be good online citizens. Our motto is, ‘if you didn’t make it, then don’t break it’.”

The workshops are designed to be a means for Minecraft beginners to learn new skills, and possibly new secrets, while those who are experienced can lead and assist. During the sessions there will also be a show and tell. “This will help students gain confidence in public speaking by encouraging players to show and talk about their creation to the rest of the group at the end of the session,” says Rebecca.

Internet safety will also feature as a topic of discussion in the workshops. “We remind our players to be mindful of the information they share in the world chat system,” she says.

Most of all the workshops will be a chance for children to apply their creativity within a new and diverse platform.

“It will encourage students to be digital creators rather than digital consumers,” says Rebecca.

The sessions will be on the 3rd, 6th, 11th, and 13th April. Bookings can be made in the Studio or online. For more information on the workshops, visit the Building Block Studio Facebook page or phone 3869 0885.

Building Blocks Studio

75 Rainbow Street, Sandgate

By Ellen Moynihan