Bluewater Festival Commemorative Poster Competition

Bluewater Festival Commemorative Poster Competition
Sandgate Guide - Feb 28, 2017 19:56
‘The Sandgate and Districts Chamber of Commerce’ is calling on the community to draw on their creative talents to create a poster in commemoration of the ‘Bluewater Festival’ celebrating its twentieth year.

The Festival is an annual event that was founded in 1997 by the President of the ‘Sandgate and Districts Chamber of Commerce’, Anne Hobbs. Anne became instrumental in bringing about the festival, which has become a unique and traditional part of the Sandgate community.

Sadly, Anne passed away on the eve of the ‘Bluewater Festival’ last year. To honour and commemorate the memory and success of Anne, the ‘Bluewater Festival’ is proud to announce the ‘Anne Hobbs Commemorative Poster Competition’. This will become an annual competition with prize winners receiving the ‘Anne Hobbs Award’.

Bill Gollan, President of the ‘Sandgate and Districts Chamber of Commerce', says, “Holding the Anne Hobbs Commemorative Poster Competition is a fitting way to commemorate such a significant event in the Sandgate community and to honour the role Anne Hobbs played in bringing the ‘Bluewater Festival’ to life. What better way to acknowledge Anne Hobbs, while recognising and supporting our vibrant arts community,” Mr Gollan said.

For Anne’s son Luke Hobbs,”The Bluewater Festival was a big part of my mother’s life for a number of years, and it’s ongoing success always meant a lot to her. For this annual award to be named in her honour is a lovely gesture to have as part of her legacy.”

The aim of the Poster Competition is to depict the vibrant history of the festival and capture the true spirit of the Sandgate seaside community. Only original not digital artwork will be accepted.

For Kim Mancini who initiated the Bluewater Arts Trail, she says, “the competition provides an incentive for artists to step outside the box and promote themselves as artists. As artists, we all get stuck in what we are doing, and we all need some motivation to lift our profiles”.

Kim wishes to emphasise that the competition is not only for artists, it is for anyone in the community, be it a high school student of even a young child.

The first prize winner will be presented with the ‘Anne Hobbs Award’ and a prize to the value of $1000 donated by the ‘Sandgate and Districts Chamber of Commerce’.

There will be 200 limited edition copies of the poster printed and these will be available for purchase at this year’s ‘Bluewater Festival’.

The winner will be announced at the launch of the ‘Bluewater Festival Art Trail’ to be held at the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club’ on Saturday, April 8.

Entry forms are available on the Sandgate and Districts Chamber of Commerce website at (click on ‘Bluewater Festival’ under Events).

All entries must be delivered to 2nd Avenue Realty, Sandgate by March 31 at 5pm.