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Meet Me At The Garden Gate

Story: Susannah Holmes
Jan 28, 2015
Meet Me At The Garden Gate
Sandgate’s very own organic nursery and café is opening this month! The Garden Gate Nursery on Rainbow Street promises outstanding service, professional gardening knowledge, best-quality organic gardening products, coffee, cake and snacks in a comfortable and relaxed nursery setting. You’ll find locally grown seedlings and trees, specialised gardening merchandise and cutting-edge products used in sustainable agriculture and horticulture - products that work with nature and not against it.

Whether you want to brighten up your garden or are looking beyond organic gardening, Barry Batchelor - an award winning organic gardener and permaculture designer - brings his expertise to the nursery as General Manager. “I have locally developed a 2000m2 100% spray-free food forest in poor quality acid sandy loam soils over the last 10 years,” Barry says. “I’ve used biochar integrated into advanced organic practices, such as high quality composting, mycorrhizae, trichoderma, remineralising, perennial legumes and high levels of fungi inoculated timber/leaf litter.

“I have also worked with world leading researchers, agronomists, commercial fertiliser/compost businesses, farmers and soil product retailers, and have a successful business of my own, selling low emission biochar machines.”

We can look forward to workshops on permaculture, organic gardening, composting, and landscape design, with plans to sell organic produce in the near future.

The nursery and café will provide regular acoustic music and art installations, including an opening day ceremony, all expertly guided by local know-how. Stay tuned for opening day details via SANDBAG’s Facebook page, to attend the opening of what will nurture our community for years to come.

The Garden Gate Nursery is SANDBAG’s newest social enterprise, and a welcomed addition to SEED Parks and Property Maintenance, winner of the 2014 Australian Small Social Enterprise of the Year award. These enterprises maintain and finance the good work of our local community centres, supporting the 4017 community in providing vital services. ••

The Garden Gate Nursery

Helping Sandgate Grow

153 Rainbow Street Sandgate

Opening Times

Thursday & Friday from 8.30am - 1pm

Saturday & Sunday from 7am - 3pm