Higher Than Normal King Tide

Victoria Newton - Jun 20, 2013 15:36
The suburbs of Brighton, Sandgate and Shorncliffe are again expected to experience higher than normal King Tides on Monday 24th June. Higher tides may also occur from Saturday through to Thursday.

The highest tide is expected at 10.32pm on Monday evening.

Other higher than predicted tides are expected at 8.53pm on Saturday, 9.43pm on Sunday, 11.20pm on Tuesday and 12.06am on Thursday.

Due to a combination of astronomical and meteorological effects, a tidal anomaly exists and appears to be fluctuating around approximately +150mm.

Because of the anomaly, the high tides are expected to exceed the spring tide levels experienced in December 2012, by 170mm.

Locally we can be affected by King Tides - which are often found in January and June each year.

Unlike the Australia Day weekend where we experienced significant local flooding and damage due to the ex-cyclone Oswald passing through our area, the high tide is not expected to occur at the same time as a storm surge.

Who is at risk?

Homes in the lower lying areas in Deagon, Sandgate and Shorncliffe may find inundation of sea water from the winter King Tide. You may find salt water covering some roads - so please avoid driving through the water which may increase flooding to local properties and damage your vehicle.


If required, sandbags are available for residents to collect at any time of the day from Council's Field Services Group, Lathe St Virginia and Jennings Street Zillmere. The sandbags can be found piled near the footpath outside the depot. Please call the Council's 24 hour Contact Centre on 3403 8888 for further information.

Your neighbours

If you believe your neighbours could be affected by these higher tides and that they may not have received this notice, I would greatly appreciate if you could pass this information onto them.

Witness King Tides

Many local residents are keen photographers, and keenly take photos of events like the local King Tides. Witness King Tides is a Green Cross project gathering photos taken across Australia during King Tide events to help document their impacts across Australia. If you're interested in taking part, visit